Deckers – skill checks, missions

During contract missions, decker has to overcome system defense for each use of software or node action. That means comparing decker’s skill, firmware and software level against node rating, ICE rating and a bit of luck. Each software has different base chance for success on use. For example Scan software has 60% chance of success if decker’s skill, firmware and software level are same as node and ICE rating. Higher chances also allow better results – decreasing scan time or increasing damage during attack.

Each check has also 5% critical fail chance and a minimum 5% success chance regardless of the odds. Critical fail during skill check means that ICE will become alerted immediately and will raise a system alert.

Decker’s income comes mainly from completing of the contracts. Contracts specify what target system they need to penetrate and what actions they need to perform to successfully finish mission and what is the deadline. Deckers choose contracts from a list of available contracts. Completing contracts raises decker’s reputation which will allow her to access better, more prestigious contracts.

Goals include downloading/erasing/editing data file, disabling IO node, creating backdoor in CPU node or running client provided software in specific node. More complicated contracts can specify that system must not be alerted to decker’s presence or that no ICE can be destroyed. All of the goals in the contract need to be completed before deadline or contract is failed and decker will not receive any payment. Furthermore, decker’s reputation will suffer as a result of a failed mission.

Deckers also gain skill points by successfully completing contracts. These points can then be invested to permanently increase one of the skills. Skill cost is increasing as skills reach higher ranks.

Mission does not need to be finished in one cyberspace session. Deckers can for example access the system, create backdoor, disconnect and reconnect few days later using the created backdoor. The only limit is the deadline of the contract.


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