Deckers – Software

Deckers use variety of software to allow them bypass ICE, manipulate system nodes or break through barriers.

Soft Analyze Analyze

Analyze is used to determine ICE rating and Node specifics – for example identify IO Node external system.

Attack soft Attack

Tries to reduce integrity of ICE construct. If the integrity reaches zero, ICE construct shatters and is destroyed in cyberspace. Destroyed ICE will be reconstructed and will reenter system using ICE entry node. Any attack alerts the ICE. Amount of integrity damage depends on decker’s skill, software rating and ICE rating.

Client soft Client

Client provided software as part of mission contract. Decker has to run this software in specific node to complete mission goal.

Deceive soft Deceive

Deceive software tries to mask user identity to target ICE. If the ICE is deceived it believes the decker has legitimate passcode for any action he performs – Firewall ICE will allow passage, Monitor will allow any node action, Scanner will accept the passcode. Worm ICE cannot be deceived. Deceive will last only for a limited time, depending on decker’s level of success and ICE rating.

Decoy soft Decoy

Decoy software will create copies of decker’s cyberspace avatar which will prevent ICE from attacking her directly. Any ICE attack will hit and destroy decoy instead of decker. Number of decoys vary depending on software rating. Each use degrades software rating.

Decrypt soft Decrypt

Decrypt is used to clear a file from a Worm ICE. Failed attempt to remove the ICE will destroy the file.

Defence soft Defense

Defense software guards decker’s cyberspace avatar from damage. Higher rating of this software provides higher protection. Rating of this software is degraded by ICE attacks until the program is reloaded.

EMP soft EMP

This software will overload the node with commands and data. It grants decker a bonus for defense, bonus for stealth actions and ICE will lose track of her. EMP lasts only for limited time, node then returns to normal. Using this software alerts all ICE in the node.

Evaluate softEvaluate

Software scans all valuable files in the node and returns possible market value of the files. This allows decker to pick most valuable files from the data node.

Medic soft Medic

Medic software that reconstructs integrity of decker’s cyberspace avatar. Each use will degrade it’s rating.

Scan software Scan

Scan software determines file type of all files in Data node, identifying mission contract files, valuable files and passcodes. Higher rating will decrease scan time.

Shield soft Shield

Shield software creates temporary barrier around decker’s avatar which will block incoming ICE attacks. Each use degrades rating.

Silence soft Silence

Running this software cuts off the node from communicating with rest of the system. ICE will not be able to raise alert when Silence is in effect. Effect lasts only for a limited time.

Slow soft Slow

Slows down ICE actions by overloading it with requests. It will take more time for ICE to perform any action. This software alerts ICE.

Stealth soft Stealth

Passive software that is always running. Any node action that decker performs needs to bypass Monitor ICE security protocols with Stealth. It is also used when trying to move through Firewall ICE. Depending on rating of software and ICE, use of Stealth can be detected and ICE will trigger an alert.

Virus soft Virus

This runs a slow virus attack against ICE. Using this software will not trigger an alert. ICE starts losing it’s integrity and when that reaches zero, ICE will shatter.


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